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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 27, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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anything but again, we see it very likelihood that will occur. >> reporter: but? >> this bridge is not going to open if it's not safe. >> reporter: right now, with this gaping glaring defect, it's nowhere safe to close. reporting live, tom vacar. >> tom you've been covering this for years. the bridge construction projects had a number of glitches. why is this one so unusual? >> reporter: you got remember, this is allergiedly the state- of-the-art design. this is bridge suppose to last 150 years and be able to take anything -- suddenly this problem crops up quite literally in the last minute with a defect that should have been detected. the reality of the situation is there's just something terribly wrong here and on a redesign, you never really sure what you're going to get. you hope it's better. clearly some careers are very much at stake here. >> i know you will keep
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following it for us. we have more now on breaking news in san jose. there has been a officer involved shooting there. maureen what are you learning now? >> reporter: many police officers are behind. they have blocked off a certain portion while they interview people and they investigate this officer involved shooting. this happened at 4:45. we're still waiting for confirmation. it sounds like two people were inside potentialal stolen car. those two people have been taken to valley medical center. we have been told no officers were injured. >> my son came inside said that some people were fighting. coming out the backdoor, i heard five or six
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shots. i could walk over to it, you can see the officers had their gun drawn and had the doors open. you can see the lady head moving back and forth. we stood there watching. finally the police put their guns away and they brought some guy out of the back. the police came and they took the girl out of the ambulance, she had like a band-aid on her arm. i don't know who shot but officers had their guns out. >> reporter: understandably scary. thank you tim for your time. we are told that police are currently investigating witnesses to gather more information about how this all started. we are told there was a man and woman inside the car. we're waiting for a lot of confirmation. live in an sews, ktvu channel 2 news. we're following developing news in san francisco where a man was struck and killed by a
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bart train. officials say if appeared the man jumped into the train. bart is still single tracking trains through the area which is causing major delays along the s.f.o. directions. a man pleaded not guilty today to murder. 77-year-old dallas airs died. it happened in january outside of the montgomery bart station in san francisco where ayers worked for 30 years. a san jose man was charged in alleged debt reduction scheme. santa clara county prosecutor said robert childs ran -- investigators say he required participants to pay up front fee 50% of their debt to sign up for the service. officials say childs has been
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convicted twice before. an 8-year-old girl left the hospital today a day after she was shot in the leg by an arrow. here's a picture of that crossbow arrow that was released by uc berkeley police. just about an hour ago, the family of nadine harrison gave us permission to use these pictures that shows the little girl on the left and the arrow and x-ray of her leg on the right. investigators say they do not believe the girl was targeted. they trying to figure out who shot that arrow. california patient advocate today released report card on healthcare providers across the state. ktvu health and science editor john fowler is live why these matter. >> reporter: you get these surprising details with this. the nation's first ever
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smartphone healthcare rating app. on the iphone now and android later. statewide kaiser permanente came out on top. ratings is based on consumer as well as viewers. >> kaiser does a good job but you know your stuff. >> reporter: none got better than one or two stars fair to poor for patients getting care easily. >> i would say that i do. but it's very expensive. i pay a lot of money for my healthcare. >> as far as the specialist, this could be more amazed and much more difficult. >> reporter: the ratings provide details and advocates
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today cheered. >> this report card is very helpful in understanding what's going on in the community with the medical health plan. >> reporter: letting people comparison shop on health plan quality as well as price. >> i was shocked i don't know if i would change. i love the ability to shop. >> reporter: in 6 months, californians will be able to select competitive coverage through state run healthcare exchanges. having a handy way to check and compare prices as well as quality should improve both. john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. you can check out the report card for yourself and see how your health plan and medical group fair. just look under web links on the home page. the same sex marriage battle before the u.s. supreme court today turned to the federal defense of marriage act. ktvu channel 2 dave stephenson is live in washington d.c.
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>> reporter: the woman who was headlining the doma case made a big impression on the crowd in washington d.c. today. all eyes were on 83-year-old edith windsor. >> i am today a lesbian who sued the united states of america, which is kind of overwhelming for me. >> reporter: she's challenges the defense of marriage act which denies federal benefits to same sex marriage couples. >> in the midst of my grief, i realized that the federal government was treating us as strangers and i pay this state tax. >> reporter: in court, justices attacked the 1996 law and the obama administration refusal to defend it. >> i'm wondering if we're living in this new world where the attorney general can simply
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decide it's unconstitutional but it's not so unconstitutional that i'm not willing to enforce it. if we're in this new world, i don't want these cases. >> reporter: the legal team defending doma told the court congress passed the law. the u.s. solicitor general said doma was based on moral disapproval and aimed at disfranchising same sex couples. >> as far as i can tell political figures are falling over themselves to endorse your side of the case. >> the fact of the matter is, no other group in recent history has been subjected to popular referendum to take away rights already given or exclude those rights the way gay people have. >> reporter: windsor left the courthouse this afternoon surrounded by a crush of cameras and court security officers. a ruling on doma is expected
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some time in june. reporting live in washington d.c., david stevenson ktvu channel 2 news. has a special section dedicated to the same sex marriage cases now before the u.s. supreme court. you can listen to more audio of the hearings today and justices questions about the defense of marriage act. walnut creek's downtown is seeing a park boom. a recent study found street parking being above 85% full. this is especially to friday and saturday. parking brings in $5.1 million each year. the money is used to enhance the city's downtown. hazmat crews were called out on the north bay today after once released paint into a local creek. just after noon today, cotati police officer was white with
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paint. police used sandbag. crews say someone painting a local office rinsed out brushes and other equipment into the gutter. >> you may remember the story of 49er fan who said she lost thousands of dollars on fake super bowl ticket. find out what happened to the man she said scammed her. the latest computer model to pinpoint when showers will reach your neighborhood. right after the break, he was a successful businessman before fighting on the front line. >> i gone from wall street to afghanistan. >> how this returning hero hopes to change his hometown now that he's back.
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. a florida man is behind bars for selling a hayward woman tickets to the super bowl
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that never came. 37-year-old robert pham is in james holmes. sharon wired pham $5900 for four super bowl tickets. instead of the tickets, she got a fedex package that says go ravens, lol. a volunteer firefighter from sonoma county charged with setting a fire pleaded not guilty today. smith faces one arson charge and five misdemeanor counts of falsing reporting an emergency. home from war. a bay area man who first found success in the business world and later decided to serve his
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country. ktvu mike telling us what motivated him to enlist. >> reporter: san francisco international, u.s. airways flight 400, on board this man, tim sanchez u.s. navy reserve. >> it's an honor. >> reporter: she patiently waited inside terminal one with balloons in hand. just like that, the man they call a true american was finally home. >> he's an awesome dad and great husband. he loves his country. >> reporter: to tell the story of tim sanchez, you got to go back to his roots. he remembers the rough streets. now to his story, he hopes to inspire the youth who live here today. sanchez says with the help from his parents he steered clear of trouble in this oakland neighborhood. >> it's a tough situation.
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>> reporter: a successful businessman touched by the 9/11 attack, he joined the military. >> i'm not doing it for the money or career. i wanted to contribute. >> reporter: his god mother is barbara. >> there's a heart felt feeling what's going on in oakland. >> reporter: a man true to his roots with a message to the youth who live here. >> the thing i would say is to keep dreaming. i think these kids dream enough. they're limited by what they see around them in the neighborhood. there's a big world out there. >> reporter: he's battled in it, kuwait, iraq and afghanistan and now back home in the arms of his family. ktvu channel 2 news. the big scissors came out today.
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[technical difficulties] its president says staying in san jose was a no brainer. >> we've been here in san jose for 20 plus years. we think san jose got a better infrastructure to support manufacturing than any other silicone valley cities. >> manufacturing is making a comeback in the valley as high- tech companies realize they can speed delivery by making products here. teachers at the unified school district say they want a salary increase. the district and the teachers union released proposals for a new contract. the district says it want salaries to reflect the district's ongoing deficit. the union says teacher pay should be more competitive with surrounding district. the current contract ends in june. mild today, lot of clouds
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out there in the san francisco, we got report of drizzle in san francisco along the coast, a few sprinkles here and there. these are the highs from today, highs today will be right on east. maybe warmer in some places tomorrow. we'll see a little bit more sunshine. more on friday, really mounting to nothing in terms of rain gauges and reservoirs. look the tracker 2, you picking up stuff in foothills and stuff down here. that's the kind of stuff that could roll through here. tonight, tomorrow, friday and then saturday. forecast highs tomorrow, yellows are 70s. kind of like today, lots of mid- 60s upper 60s and then a few low 70s showing up. mostly cloudy and chance of sprinkle tomorrow. as you head into friday, same kind of forecast and maybe more sunshine on friday.
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saturday and sunday, saturday nice and sunday morning, you got pretty good shot at some shower activity. it's really going to bring us rain. the timing on this is goofy and the rainfall accumulations will be goofy. here we are 7:00 p.m. on thursday. here we are friday afternoon spinning stuff out. it starts to go this way. there's saturday lunchtime starting to push the rain in there. there's sunday about 3:00. i'm not changing my plan. the best bet for rain will be saturday night sunday morning. in the meantime, just don't be surprised like today in the city or yesterday or last night, you get a sprinkle and you got the wipers going a little bit or you get wet on the pavement, it shouldn't last long. the forecast highs tomorrow, 70 in fairfield and this is thursday right now, lot of folks getting out of town early for the holiday weekend.
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the weather not -- 5 day forecast with the weekend view, holiday weekend for many. just a little bit of everything. everyday looks the same there. i think the real rain will be saturday night and sunday morning. the rest of this stuff just looks new. >> really gloomy looking out there. thank you bill. coming up on bay area news at 7:00, we are following breaking news in san jose where a police shooting happened shortly before 5:00 p.m. we're already talking to witnesses an we'll have a full update for you. a boys sees a strange man outside of his door and sees him come inside the house. we hope you join us at 7:00 on tv 6. at&t park opens its door for season preview as the world champion san francisco giants prepare to return home.
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. a nice day in the desert, the giants are heading back to the bay area. >> back north, nice way to pack it up and head home. the giants with a win 8-6 to wrap up their season. brandon belt, 8th home run and
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5 scoreless innings. they head back to face the oakland a's. meantime, it is chance to catch up what might happen this season. media open house to announce teams up coming special proposal. a replica world series ring give away, special occasion dedicated to the king of rock 'n' roll. >> i got to get these side burns right. on monday september 9th, is elvis presley night. we like icons. >> the a's also doing it with a victory. 6'8"nate fryman will be one of the first baseman of the year with a shot off the glove.
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the a's win over the rockies 6- 5. baseball should be tim mccarver middle game. he and the game one of the same. after 55 years as both player and broadcaster, mccarver announced this will be his last to the sport. his health is fine but at age 71, just wants to take it down a notch. hanging it up, warriors tonight trying to keep the peddle pushed to the metal to face the sacramento kings. highlights at 10:00. >> september 9th is elvis night by the way. >> i know you will be there. ktvu crews on the scene of a officer involved shooting. we'll have the latest on the confrontation that erupted in gunfire tonight on the 10:00 news. also the glyn park bart station reopened after a fatal accident. we'll have the latest for you on both of these stories on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36.
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thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, good night. >> see you at 10:00.
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you want some of mine? take some of mine. why do i get pesto? why do i think i'll like it? i keep trying to like it. why should you like it? everybody likes pesto. walk into a restaurant that's all you hear. pesto. pesto. pesto. i don't like pesto. where was pesto 10 years ago? look at that guy. uh uh uh uh. i'll bet you he's getting hair transplants. anytime you see a guy that age wearing a baseball cap 10 to 1--plugs. the thing about that painting is with the colors and, um... oh, yeah, plugola. another thing about the car-- let it warm up a minute. yeah, that's a tough minute. it's like waiting in the shower for the conditioner to work. i don't understand why you couldn't take a cab. elaine is having a, uh... house guest?
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she's picking him up at the airport tonight. a guy? yes, it's a guy. he's from, uh, yakima, right? seattle. everybody's moving to seattle. it's the pesto of cities. oh, well, you tell. well, from what i can piece together our friend here met a gentleman-- ed. who was in town on a business venture, and, uh... we, uh, shared an interpersonal experience. [ding] so, they went out a few times, but, apparently, when the fellow returned home, he discovered that the benis tattoo doesn't wash off so easily. on some people. so, he's coming in to stay with her for a week. it was just going to be a weekend, but, then somehow it became a week. ho. ho. ho. ho. all right, ok. all right. all right, ok.
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what happened? oh, the, uh, busboy left the menu a little close to the candle. i'm sorry for the disturbance. i'm never eating here again. nice going. thank you. that ought to get us a free dessert. i think the busboy's in trouble. did i get him in trouble because of what i said? i just told him what happened. he pointed at me. why did they point at me? i said i would never eat here again but he knew i was kidding. i didn't say anything. i can't believe it. he's going. he's fired. oh, i said it in a kidding way. i didn't know he'd get fired. he'll probably kill his family over this. what if he's waiting for me outside? he pointed at me. lots of ex-cons become busboys. they seem to gravitate toward it.
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was it my fault? was it my fault? maybe i'll try that pesto. i feel bad, too, but he'll get another job. it's not a profession where you embellish your resume and undergo a series of grueling interviews. like you really know busboys. oh, like you do. i was a camp waiter. it was a fat camp. those kids depended on me. [intercom buzzes] elaine? yeah. busboys are always changing jobs. that's the business. i work with these guys. i talk with them in the kitchens. then why don't you get him another job? i don't know anything about him. he could be one of those people that walks around pricking people with pins. i don't know if you're aware of this, but i am one clever chickadee. did you get the busboy's number?
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his phone's been disconnected, but i was able to obtain an address. 1324 amsterdam avenue, apartment 4-d. now, i did my job. may i have the car keys, please? how did you get all this? does the word charm mean anything to you? no. so, you're going to his apartment? i think this is nuts. i'd like to apologize, tell him i didn't mean to get him in trouble. so, you're going now? i'll see if there's anything i can do, maybe get him another job. maybe the fat camp. you're not going? i have to pick up ed. i just don't think you should go alone. can't you wait till after my set? it will take too long. take the k-man a little support. i don't, uh... what? that? take me where? where?
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um... look, i really appreciate your coming but, um... if you wouldn't mind... try not to say too much. what am i going to say? i don't know. well, i'm not an idiot. certainly not. then we're cool. y-yeah. yeah, w-w-we're cool. uh, i'm sorry to bother you. i was in the restaurant earlier, and i wondered if i could talk to you for a few minutes about what happened.
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thanks. um... i--i hope i'm not interrupting anything. it's just that i think i may have-- without realizing it-- been responsible for getting you fired. ha ha ha ha. and--and i just-- i wanted you to know that i did not intend for that to happen. he's a hell of a guy. this is, uh... a guy i know. kramer-- ¿habla espanol? si. ¿como se dice... waterbed? anyway, i--i, um... i just wanted to let you know that i'm really sorry that happened, and if i can help out in any way,
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i'll certainly be glad to do that. well, i guess that's about it. you got anything to drink? agua. um, you know we really should be going. i need some water. hurry up. paquita. ¿paquita? [speaking spanish] his cat's gone. la puerta esta abierta. ¡la puerta esta abierta!
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you know cats, they run away all the time. my aunt had a cat, ran away showed up three years later. you never know. there's something in their brains where they can remember where they're from. unless somebody else starts feeding her. that's what you got to worry about. ah...
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once again, antonio, i can't even begin to say how deeply, deeply sorry i am about everything. the job...the cat... [glass breaking] the lamp. there's wire sticking out. yeah. here's my card. uh, i'm in real estate so if you're ever looking for something bigger something nicer... maybe not right away... anyway, heh... you ought to get that wire fixed.
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uh, i got the door. stop worrying. it wasn't your fault. come on. he's not stalking you. hey. hey. he doesn't even know where you live. why give him your business card? [intercom buzzes] that's elaine. kramer... george wants to know when you want to go look for the cat again. it's been a week. it's up to the cat now. kramer says it's up to the cat now. it'll be on your conscience. how do you figure? how do you figure? you left the door open. why was i in charge of closing it? why was he in charge of closing it? you came in last. so? so? last person in closes the door.
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that numbskull... would be on a plane for seattle right now... instead of looking for a parking space downstairs. hey, the busboy's coming. the busboy's coming! the busboy's coming? you don't mean here. yeah. i buzzed him in. he's here? check you later. where are you going? he's coming to settle the score. you all know each other. there's no point in me getting involved-- he's not going to do anything. i guarantee. the hell with it. let him kill me. antonio! antonio, in here. hey, antonio how's it going? three nights ago... a gas main beneath the restaurant exploded, killing five people in my section,
6:51 pm
including the busboy who replaced me. i--i--i--i-- if i'm not fired that night because of you and your thoughtless stupid, insensitive remarks, it would have been me. you saved my life! come on... [intercom buzzes] yeah? it's eddie. he's coming up. the same night of the accident, while looking for paquita, i find a job in a restaurant where they pay me twice what i made before. and when i returned to the apartment paquita, perhaps frightened from the explosion had miraculously returned. well... now i must go. for today, i am starting my new and wonderful job and i am very late.
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thank you. thank you. thank you all. watch where you're going. you almost knocked my head off. watch where you're going, ok? 'cause you bumped into me. who do you think you're talking to, pal? hey, get your hands off me! you go to hell! [yelling in spanish] [crashing down stairs] [crash] he'll get another job. he's a busboy. it won't be for a while... not until the cast comes off. that fall down the stairs did it. that's not how it happened. it's when he fell on him with his knee. that was awful. poor antonio.
6:53 pm
oh. thanks. so...much longer? till when? till he goes back to seattle or till he can feed himself? i guess it's not important. take care of yourselves. i should probably get going, too. if i don't feed paquita by 7:00, she goes all over everything. take it easy. yeah. how are you doing? captioning made possible by columbia tristar domestic television captioned by the national captioning institute ♪ i'm your venus ♪ [ female announcer ] what does beauty feel like? find out with venus embrace. every five-bladed
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it's amazing people keep coming
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